Is it sitting or is it sold?

Home staging makes a difference~

Are you ready to sell your property?

Staging your home before it is listed is a smart move. Did you know 90% of buyers who walk into a house can’t see its potential?

For many, purchasing a home is their investment and buyers want to see themselves in their potential new home. An empty, cluttered, heavily lived-in home will overwhelm and drive away buyers. Selling your home is an important part of building your wealth. For you to earn the greatest return on your investment you want to make sure your home shows better than your competition.


What kind of staging do I need?

Occupied Staging means you are going to be living there while it’s on the market.

In that case, I will come in to do an “Occupied Consultation”

Vacant Staging means the house is void of people and furniture.

In that case we do a simple consultation, decide what areas need to be created.




What is Home Staging and How Can It Help Me Sell My House?

Staging your home for sale is a smart marketing tool, giving your property a competitive edge.

Staging can be the difference in the number of days on the market and thousands of dollars lost or gained. Home staging is updating, neutralizing and creating a house that will to appeal to a wide variety of buyers. Opening up the floor plan, creating focal points, and flow will show that there is value for the price.

Taking risks when selling your home doesn’t make sense but working with a visual marketer does. It is your largest investment, so selling it for less isn’t an option. Hiring a Home Staging professional is the strongest marketing decision you can make. 96% of people shop on line for their next home and then ask their realtor to see the property. That means you need to have pictures on line that show better than the rest. Staging your home for photos, to attract buyers to walk through, is imperative.

Fabulous Flips Done Right!

So fun to be able to end the year staging two separate homes, owned by a couple of Charlottesville flippers. These two power houses did it right and now have the funds to start this 2018 year off with a big profit! Her hubby is the contractor and she is the...

“Cynthia Riegle of Riegle Home Staging is design-savvy, creative and practical. She knows how to transform living spaces into dynamic, balanced and beautiful homes. She has exquisite taste, carefully selecting or deleting pieces to add harmony, beauty and interest. When Cynthia is done with a project, you will want to squeal with delight. Riegle Home Staging is also reliable and professional. Recently I had Cynthia assist in choosing paint color and improving the look and harmony of my front door. My house went from drab to fab.”

M. Wharton, CA

Virtual staging

“Riegle Home Staging, has set the bar and expectation high, in the area of home staging expertise. The company provided a unique balance to a specific space, which has been a challenge for me to create on my own. Riegle Home Staging was very knowledgeable, professional and accessible up until the space was complete. I will continue to call upon this company for my future space challenges. Thank you Cynthia, you are the best! ”

Patrice Morris,

Charlottesville, VA

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These are steps to take before staging your property…
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