The colors men like tend to be different from women.

It sounds crazy but it’s true.

The colors in the basement bar with the pool table are very different than those found at the coffee shop or formal living room. Women enjoy places were they feel they can talk and laugh with their friends. While men like to bond by doing sports or fixing something. “I have go and DO something!” can be heard on any given Saturday morning in my house.

The expression “be the man” involves building relationships through tactile, action oriented activities like football or playing pool. If you think about it, the colors men experience are different from women. Unless they are watching the Miami Dolphins, grey, blue, and white dominate their screen. From brown beer bottles, to black steaks, green veggies and red ketchup, the bold primary colors surround men. Using pops of these colors in artwork or furniture in the man cave or tv room will make any man happy.

Local coffee shops are the new meeting places for women to chat with friends and catch up on our busy lives. Here we find soothing colors and calm atmosphere. At one time the feminine colors of a tea room eased our senses. The tea room colors were florally pinks, white chairs and a green carpet. Large green plants and sun filled rooms rounded out the pleasurable afternoon. Variations of blue, green and yellow painted on bedroom or living room walls help to invite one busy women into reading that book she means to catch up on…I can dream can’t I?

Overall one thing stands out, each gender has a happy place with their respective colors in the background. But what about the rest of the family?

So where DO WE hang out?

The almighty kitchen comes to mind, but then so does the Family room. Subconsciously, the color of the room can actually bring you together. What are the colors where all members of the home are happiest? Maybe it doesn’t matter one iota if you are a man or a woman. The colors in your home depend on what your family likes, but what they don’t know is that color choice has a lot to do with how they feel when they see the color…cool huh? Blue or any variation seems to be the color most people like, so the survey says.

Green? Brown? Purple? Beige? Red? White? Pink? It’s all in how you feel about the color and what you do in that room that matters most.


My very red living room…the surveys also say that the color red on a women is the most appealing to men…interesting.

Cynthia Riegle is the owner of Riegle Home Staging & design. She is committed to helping real estate agents and homeowners sell their properties for the best return of investment in the Charlottesville, Virginia area.