Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Staging and How Can It Help Me Sell My House?

Staging your home for sale is a smart marketing tool, giving your property a competitive edge. Staging can be the difference in the number of days on the market and thousands of dollars lost or gained. Home staging is updating, neutralizing and creating a house that shows its inherent value to appeal to a wide variety of buyers. Opening up the floor plan, creating focal points, and flow will show that there is value for the price. Home staging also focuses the eye so that the buyers see more space which equals greater value.

Taking risks when selling your home doesn’t make sense. It is your largest investment, so selling it for less isn’t an option. Hiring a Home Staging professional is the strongest marketing decision you can make. 96% of people shop on line for their next home and then ask their realtor to see the property. That means you need to have pictures on line that show better than the rest. Staging your home for photos, to attract buyers to walk through, is imperative.
Showing off your home’s best features is the result of working with a home staging professional. Staging a house to sell answers all the questions for potential buyers. Each room has a purpose, feels good and is pleasing to the eye. You can have beautiful features and not know how to highlight them, unfortunately I see it all the time. So the art of staging a real estate property requires a professional who will get you the most for your money.

Can You Stage Just One Room?

Staging a house to sell answers all the questions for potential buyers. Each room has a purpose, feels good and is pleasing to the eye. If you have a home that is still occupied by the owner and one room really needs help, then it will be helpful to stage that one. But If it is an empty house staging one room is fine for photos but walking through it may leave someone questions for buyers. 95% of buyers can’t envision what a room’s purpose unless it is obvious. I do offer packages to work with your budget, you can stage 4 key rooms and define odd spaces or showcase the entire house.

How Much Does Staging Cost?

The cost of staging a home greatly outweighs a reduction. Most homes listed if not sold within a month or are dropped in price and sits on the market longer than those that are staged. So staging your house is a small investment when compared to the first 5-10k reduction. One can greatly improve their marketing strategy investing anywhere from 200.00 for consultation to 2-3k for complete staging of a large home with updated, on-trend furniture and colors. One can also use their own furniture and embellish it with the right pieces. My service is in the business of presenting a variety of ways to get your home sold. Price depends on size of your home, and the number of rooms you choose to do. The upgrades you need to do and the price point of your competition are the starting points to consider. I guarantee that the information and services I provide will help and improve your over all marketing plan towards a profitable sale.

What Do I Need To Do To Get Started?

To get started book a consultation to receive a comprehensive overview and strategy for your home. Doing so will save you time and give you a greater feeling of being in control of your investment transaction.