Staging is psychological.

It is where human desire meets HGTV.

Why Move? We move to a new home that offers us more than what we have. We move for more living space and a joyful lifestyle. Ultimately, we want to feel happy living in a new home. Staging a home is meant to show a new buyer that this house can be their new home.

Staging a home also strives to create memory points for buyers to hang on to. When they are looking at 5 houses a day, you want yours to be remembered.

Rapidan Estate in Culpepper, VA

It was a great pleasure to showcase this Christie’s property in the turn around time of a week! It is to be sold at private auction for a high profile client. Lots of mystery and excitement surrounded this staging never the less, our clients were thrilled with the work.

This staging required interior and exterior design. As a certified master gardener I thought flanking the door with simple young magnolias worked well. The scale of the large waxy leaves broke up the beige brick, without complete interruption. The arbervitae just brought the attention straight to the front doors.

Vacant Staging in Ivy

Lots of natural light gives an open warm feeling to this Master bedroom. Rounding that feeling out with a soft carpet, and a comfy looking bed leaves each buyer feeling like this could be their new home.

Spacious living area

Vacant staging

Staged is not decorated. A properly staged home feels like there is space, which equals increased value. A room eaten up with furniture is perceived as small and decreases the homes value. Increase profit by staging, not decorating.

Warm fire with a good book

Vacant staging

The owner took great pains renovating this beautiful fireplace which became the focal point. The box was cleaned and repainted, I added candles for warmth, and a soft fabric sofa. This simple style created the cozy “in front of the fire” feeling to go with that large book case. This room begs for a winter night.

Complete Home Staging

This home had plenty to work with and all that was needed was a large piece of artwork to balance the fireplace, and window along this wall. PIllows were added to update the traditional Asian inspired couch. Most of the furniture was removed to focus on the fireplace and the pastural views out back. occupied

Riegle Home Design

This house really needed more living space and so I turned the three season screened in porch in to a family tv room off of the kitchen. Instead of creating a new footprint, we saved alot of the budget using the porch which had a brick floor. The seemless flow from the kitchen to this warm room harkens back to the “keeping room” concept of the colonial era. Custom cabinetry for scrapbooking albums, a handpicked cherry wood worked into a mantel and an inlaid local soapstone slab became the hearth. The gas stove took the place of what used to be a labor intensive wood stove of thier last home. It really is a beautiful room I enjoyed designing and installing with N. Wilson, owner of Hammerhead Builders.

Riegle Home Design

1980’s met 2016 in this complete renovation project. Reworking the entire master bath into a long galley style opened up the space, captured light and created a beautiful 6′ shower where a whirlpool tub once was. We were able to keep the plumbing where it was, spending most of the money on cabinetry, correra marble counter tops and lattice shower tile. I used a deep, clean lined ceiling molding to finish off a really beautiful master bathroom. Hammerhead Builder, N. Wilson

Simple staging

Having a budget shouldn’t preclude an owner from selling for more. Simple staging highlights key rooms people use. This dining room had just five pieces added. Rented from me on a month by month basis. It was important to put something in there because it was the first room buyers saw. It was also a very small room, so creating a colorful but simple design took the focus away from it’s diminutive size.

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