Have you ever noticed that there are sounds which accompany the seasons? The early Spring months here in the central VA bring with it quite a ruckus. The sassy round bodied house wrens make a beeline for the porch to pick out the perfect nesting spot and boy they are rowdy little birds. I often see them hopping up and down the bannister, comendering the porch. The Mockingbirds seemingly year round have territory to fight for and food to hoard. And the more babies raised here at the farm the more nesting sights they return to each spring. It has gotten so noisy and taken over by the birds that the front yard is now a battlefield. One never knows if they’ll be squawked at by the house wren or bombed by the mockingbirds. And this past summer the Barn Swallows have taken to building their mud nests in the garage! I shake my head and sigh for they create an absolute mess, though I do resign myself to their needs and the fluffy headed babies with their wide grinned beaks are darn cute. I reflect on this topic as the winter approaches and only the crows debate Monday night football. The seed tray is filled and waiting for the Canadian and most northern birds to arrive for the winter. Though they are quieter and still colorful. The Cardinals, Owls and bouncy ground dwelling Juncos take us through the quiet winter days. The variety is less as all the rest are enjoying the warmth of the Southern environs. Come to think of it…that’s a great idea. Travel sites, here I come!