Green Frog? Yep, If that is the hottest new color you will buy it. The same goes for textured linens. Do you own a fury pillow in some on trend color? I bet you do!

On trend colors are not chosen based on feelings; remember the coral pink of last year? Most people could not relate to it! I like to choose a color based on who is using the room. As an example, when you’re decorating your craft room what color will you gravitate towards? Caste aside every magazine photo and Pinterest post and let the colors speak to you.

Do you like zebra stripes on a lacquered chair with a white throw over the back? Do you love the color’s of Monet’s paintings? Complete with an oversized, grass green crushed velvet chair to sit in with a stack of design books begging to be perused? It’s your room so decorate it the way you like. If you are planning a billiard room you need to ask what color feels good for that last shot of pool with your friends? Maybe it is power color or a calming one so you can focus.

Each member of the family should be able to choose their own bedroom color. Kids are great at this! Often they shout out their favorite color and then paint way without thinking twice. Don’t you wish we could do that? Funny how children can pinpoint a favorite color.

My daughter use to scream when asked, ”Pink!” “Purple!” as a toddler and still, at twenty, gravitates towards that palette. Color is an individual choice and in your home, with your family, you have permission to use your own colors with dashes of texture!


Cynthia Riegle is the owner of Riegle Home Staging & design. She is committed to helping real estate agents and homeowners sell their properties for the best return of investment in the Charlottesville, Virginia area.