Beds, we love being in them, but getting the HGTV look is counterintuitive. The bedroom is suppose to feel calm, relaxing, and even luxurious. You know…Satin sheets and all that. Sure, we may invest in the right mattress but there are many of us who share our bed. Most certainly there is your romance novel hunk. And for darn sure there are a few fluffy critters who call this oasis their bed as well. We don’t really slide under the silky sheets. Rather we climb into an unmade bed of cotton sheets and this time of year they are flannel! I spoke with a family friend the other night at a dinner party and she drew testament from her bar stool “I LOVE! getting in to bed at night, because it is when I can finally relax my body and not have to move.” Well this could be because she suffers from a few old timer ailments, but I can certainly empathize. I too, LOVE getting in to bed at night. So much so, that I dream of a day when I don’t have to get out unless I want to! If we were to create a nicer version of our bedroom what may it look like? In my experience it isn’t bringing your favorite colors together. Actually creating a calming place is the opposite of my personality. I love red, fushcia, green and bright white- which would make a 3 year old happy. This bedroom design by E. Henderson is actually more in keeping with my style, a little old, a little fluffy and it has a shot of movement and color. The foundation colors of this room are what balances this room into one I would find calming. The colors of a winter landscape speak clearly to the idea of calm enough to rest. One may liken the calming colors of our room we rest in, to the winter landscape which reflects the winter time need for the earth to rest. In a few months the earth reawakens as we do though in a few hours, to begin moving into a colorful and energized day.