Small business? Yep, selling your home is a small business. Not only is it a small business, it is an on-line business. Not only is it a small, online business, but its’ success relies on how well you market it. When you market your home, you become an entrepreneur who is selling a lifestyle and that is done through design. Now don’t freak out because you aren’t a designer, techie or have a Harvard business degree, but this is what is going on. Your online photos will pull in potential buyers so hiring a home staging professional is imperative.

Hiring a home stager is like hiring the producer and director of a movie. Creating that perfect representation of your home so on-line photos capture the eye of the buyers. The realtor is the contract negotiator orchestrating several very important jobs. She verifies qualified buyers, makes sure that the deal is in your best interest and has the right people at the round table for the final and coveted step, the closing.

Creating a home that others want to live in, doesn’t just happen; you make that happen. Buyers want to live in homes where they feel peaceful, happy, and can see themselves enjoying a new and improved lifestyle. They want to see themselves cooking at your stove and entertaining friends on the back porch. It is all about the perceived lifestyle. So why does this matter? It matters because your home is your largest investment. So, putting your home on the market beautifully showcased will help to yield  a huge return on your investment…and perhaps then, your kid can go to Harvard.