Wow! I edited the traditional furniture and found all these pieces of contemporary furniture and art to welcome buyers. Now they are welcomed to a gorgeous California Contemporary Equine Estate.

How many times have I been called with desperation in the voice of the owner who has their house on the market for 2 weeks with a reduction in price; too often….how disappointing. A few things are happening at this point:
#1 you already have your photos, usually with outdated furniture and a lousy floor plan out there on the MLS for all potential buyers to evaluate.
#2 those who are actively looking for a house in your current price point have already been to your house and decided not to put in an offer.
#3 the realtors have also been in the house and decided whether or not the house is a candidate to ever be shown to potential clients again…yes, ever again!

Presenting your house to buyers on MLS is imperative to the rest of your sale. Please remember the what point is. To sell for the highest price to those who are qualified and eager. You need to prepare your house so that it is shown often to as many people as possible. The MLS pictures are viewed by the buyers first and then are brought to the attention of the realtor who gets them the key. Most of the buyers are younger and looking for on trend design in a house that doesn’t require much work.
Staging the house answers questions like where will the TV go? How is this room connected to the rest of the floor plan? Is this house going to require a ton of work? Is it somewhat on trend? Changing the paint color to one that suits the home and is on trend sometimes is all that is needed along with a change in floor plan. Many times all that is needed is a “light staging” the definition of which you can find on my website. I can work with your house remotely so don’t think living in Charlottesville, VA is necessary. Give me a call, look at my work and reviews so you will be up and running before the photographer shows up!