Getting a house sold is more than list, stage and sell…there are hurdles. Considering the owners expectations, the realtors desires, what the market bears, etc. For me December is a time to rest and reflect on the past year to ask what worked, how did it work, and what can be improved? The year started off with a huge bang with a request to stage a large very expensive property. It didn’t sell. I don’t think it has sold. I don’t know if it ever will. The last house I just de-staged this week was a 200k cottage and it sold in 4 days flat. No sooner was it staged, it was stripped and ready for closing. Many would start to pick apart the price point, the location, the energy of the property and again the debate continues. How do we set a property up so that it sells quickly for the most money…that is the bottom line right? In hindsight my vision becomes clearer and this helps those in my industry who listen. Use common sense! Market to a broad audience, think outside the box! don’t be afraid to take a risk. As a realtor, as a seller, as a stager our underlying values are most important. When we know what is important: going from sitting to sold. Then the following actions usually bode well. If your property is vacant and hasn’t sold in 4 months, take it off the market, stage it, rephotograph it, reduce the price by 5 or 10k and repost it. This brings in new buyers and most importantly it renews the interest of those who have already seen it…over and over I have seen this process work. Ideally one will price it competitively and sell in the spring or early fall, in a desirable neighborhood, repainted with a newer kitchen and bath, have a family room and a mudroom for the dog right? Right. Many of us didn’t get all of those boxes checked but all is definitely not lost. The realtor with a “can do!” attitude is a great benefit, as is the right type of staging for the property. Sometimes all you need is a stager to walk through and give you invaluable advice that makes all the difference in describing that odd space to the buyer.  Research your realtor’s track record, and read the stagers reviews on their website. Having both in your marketing plan is certainly going to get your home from sitting to Sold!

Here’s to a healthy, prosperous and glowing new 2018!

Cynthia of Riegle Home Staging

Is it sitting or sold?