Good news for the real estate market continues as 2021 rolls in. Home loan interest rates will remain low! Low interest rates guarantees the real estate market will maintain its strong status amongst our growing economy benefiting you as a seller, home stager, realtor, mortgage lender. The benefits are far reaching and welcomed as we get our stagnant economy running again. We are seeing with in a years time the trend toward not only working from home but a country wide redistribution of our most capable work force. Home stagers have remained quite busy ensuring that profits are high and the properties sell. The emphasis has been on a newly found freedom to choose where to live and work. For many it has been a win win and an affirmation many companies weren’t willing to gamble on. Could their business be profitable with a remote workforce? The jury is still out on whether those who have decided to move and work from home will be able to continue to doing so. Demands have been met with more than a thousand new condominiums on the market here in Charlottesville. But who knows whether our new neighbors will be called back to the office. I am sure it will be interesting to see if the new Covid 19 puppy will continue to warm the feet of their new owner in the home office or will need to wait until 5:30.